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Birthdate:Jun 21
Website:Contact the mun!
Name : Bastet Tori Macrow-Takashima
Nicknames :"Bast", 'Tet
Age : 17 (Although it can vary, time travel, whut)
Height : 5'3"
Weight : 125lbs.
Hair Color : Black. It is noted that this is not Bastet's natural hair color. Her hair is naturally blonde/white, she dyes it, especially in these little stunt-slash-trips to the past, to make it a little less blatantly obvious.
Eye Color : Purple. It should be noted that Bastet wears contacts, and is somewhat nearsighted without them, she also wears colored contacts on worlds that her eyes would raise questions.
Distinguishable Marks : No visible ones.
Race : Human of mixed race descent (Asian, Skyderian-Caucasian, Scandinavian), Darkness Mage
Appearance :

Bastet is just below average height, having black hair and purple eyes the same color as Isis's. Given both of her parents, Bastet is fairly busty for her height, though not so much that appears unnatural. Bastet tends to dress girly, wearing skirts of varying length and blouses and such. Though she only has one piercing, a hoop in her upper ear with a small dark blue crystal. She also wears an advanced, non-integrated PINpoint on her right arm.

Her actual race is specifically difficult to place, she has mixed in, Asian, Skyderian-Caucasian, and Scandinavian. This makes her have a darkish skintone, her hair is naturally blonde, although frequently dyed a range of colors (most notably black), and her eyes are, as previously stated, purple.

Information :

The daughter of Isis Macrow ([info]thebalanckeepr) and Eiko Takashima ([info]gadgetqueen), and younger sister of Amelia Takashima ([info]future_techno) by two years. Unlike Amelia, Bastet is made purely from Eiko and Isis's genetics, and Isis is her birth mother.

As things tend to balance out in the end, Bastet is a Darkmage rather than a balance mage, this gives her a control over the darker energies that supposedly make up roughly half of everything, and a finer control over them than even Isis is capable. Bastet is not evil as a result, just slightly more impulsive.

Bastet is capable of wielding a two handed staff similar to Isis's, except Bastet's is dark blue, rather than black in color, and the symbol in the crystal is a four pointed star, rather than an eight like Isis's. Bastet's defensive skills are better than Isis's, but she's lousier at feinting and attacking, essentially meaning she can take defensive blows extremely well.

She prefers, however, to use a much lighter staff that can be wielded in one hand or two hands. This is not the Lost Angels standard, however.

She is skilled with computers and most sorts of technology, and only needs a concept explained once to understand it.

Bastet is fluent in Skyderian, English, and Japanese, and can switch between any of the three without hesitation.

Personality :

Slightly bookish and a quick learner and adapter to new situations, Bastet is usually the one you want for a heated situation and quick choices. She is, otherwise, calm and fairly respectful, though tends to have a more than healthy love of puns (..with those two as parents, one can't really be surprised). Playful, and slightly prone to trouble, especially goaded into it (Though there is the occasion that she does it herself). She's also fairly outgoing and generally upbeat.

Bastet is something of an artist, occasionally doing drawings or sketches of her surroundings and people, she's skilled in this ability, though does it as a hobby more-so than anything currently.

OOC Information :

Done completely and totally with the permission of Eiko's mun, Bastet is an idea I pitched and we both have ended up liking, Amelia is, definitely, by being raised by them, their daughter, but it isn't uncharacteristic for Isis to want another with more of Isis and Eiko in her, after a while.

I'm still looking for a PB, though, so this'll be interesting. And any help on that would be most appreciated.

This is a Fictional Character journal. Bastet's original concept belongs to me, Matt Kintotech, and having her be Eiko's daughter as well as Isis's has been done with permission.

Not Entirely Public Information : Who's to say if a Dark Mage has another side to herself or not?
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